No one can predict the weather that much anymore. One day, it could rain so hard, the other days the sun could be so hot. And while we enjoyed bathing in the heat of the sun before the pandemic, it could be now so punishing especially in lockdown areas. Imagine doing your work, studying, and doing all activities indoor without any AC in the house — things can get so toasty right there. It is so important — and I cannot stress this enough — to have proper air condition in your area especially that we are all doing our activities indoors. If you are experiencing AC problems, it is now the time you call your HVAC company, Pittsburgh to solve the issues right away.  


Anyway, besides having a good, functional AC in the house, there are things you can also take into consideration to keep the cool air in your house or flat when the heat waves in. Read through! 

  1. Draw the curtains – while this can sound a little counterproductive, trust the experts. The more you let the sun rays in your place, the hotter your place gets. So, while you enjoy the breeze from the outside, you are also simultaneously getting toasted through the sun’s rays and heat. Keep them closed especially during peak sunshine hours. 
  2. Sleep downstairs – the higher up you are, the hotter it will be. This is because heat rises and the second level gets direct exposure to the roof.Soto prevent hyperventilating at night, avoid staying upstairs especially when you sleep, and do yourself a favor to enjoy the cooler side of the house and sleep downstairs.  
  3. Drink plenty of water – the heat could make you sweat, and the more water you lose, the more prone you are to being dehydrated. Help yourself by drinking a lot of water especially when doing physical activities. You can also drink cold water from time to time (although this is not advised as cold water also hurts your intestines) and have a cold shower to cool down your body. 
  4. Keep your appliances off when not in use – this is hitting two birds in one stone. Keeping your appliances off when not in use can benefit you in two ways. First, it keeps heat waves at a minimum level and saving you some dollars on your electricity bill. 
  5. Have a fan – while it is true that a fan will never equal the cooling effect of an AC unit, having one can save you extra dollars in your utility costs and can even reinforce some air when your AC is weak enough to produce cooling air. 

Pro-tip: you can always upgrade your fan by popping a bowl of super cold water, preferably with ice, in front of your fan to have that cooler breeze.  


There you go! Those are the five simple and doable things you can do to cope with the heat of summer and avoid getting dehydrated and toasted amidst lockdown. It is extremely important to keep your body cooled, so stay hydrated!