As innovation and technology advance, modern AC units have been quieter than before. Because of that, it can be very concerning to hear some unanticipated noises that come from your air conditioners. Such unusual noises could be coming from the condenser, or the air conditioning unit itself. Regardless of the source, you should never ignore these noises. Summer season is about to come. So, check out the following common AC noises and what they could mean.   



Similar to how cars squeal when there’s a loose belt, the air conditioning units will do the same as well. Once you hear a loud squealing sound, it could indicate that the fan belt is misaligned or incorrectly worn. When you just hear this noise from time to time, keep in mind that humidity levels can make your AC’s fan belt contract or expand, making it go off-kilter. When you can hear the squealing sound, you can still use it, but you still need to contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible because the last thing you want to happen is to turn this minor issue into a costly, and a large one.  


You can hear a banging sound if something is broken or loose. Most of the time, the culprit behind this culprit noise is a separated or loose crankshaft, piston pin, or connecting rod. Once you can hear a banging sound in your AC, switch it off right away and wait for your trusted HVAC expert to have it checked or get an ac replacement Tempe if necessary. 


Whenever you hear any clicking noise as soon as you turn your system on or off, that’s not usually an alarming issue. It only becomes a major concern when you hear clicking noises while your system runs. This sound could mean that there’s something wrong with your AC unit’s electric system or thermostat. While clicking is not disastrous, it’s better to get the entire thing inspected so that minor issues won’t turn into major ones.  


Perhaps you already know that screaming is not only for horror movies. Screeching or screaming sounds can come from the air system of your home, and if it does, make sure not to ignore it. If you can start screaming noises that come from your air conditioning unit, switch it off as soon as possible.  

A refrigerant leak is among the major reasons for screaming AC. This issue can cause your AC to be damaged and it can be detrimental to your health as well. Aside from that, high internal pressure is another reason why your AC is screaming. Either way, never ignore this noise that comes from your AC and contact your trusted AC technician to have it checked and repaired.  


Humming or buzzing sounds that come from your condenser or AC unit may mean that the electricity is running too hot or the compressor isn’t working. It could also mean that the tiny rubber feet on your condenser are getting worn out and old.