If you are planning to start a podcast and you don’t know where to start, keep on reading this article. Of course, before you settle down and record your podcast, you have to thoroughly plan for your audio podcast episodes. There are a lot of essential considerations you should take. Here are the following: 

Content of your episode 

Think about what topics you want to tackle on your podcast’s first few episodes. Try planning your content in an orderly manner and figure out the content by making an outline and trying to be detailed about the things you want to include. 

Length of your episodes 

Normally, podcasts have a duration of 20 min up to 1 hour. The length of your episode will be contingent on your audience and content. Although there are actually no restricted rules regarding what the perfect length must be to have a great episode for your podcast. If your content is good, then you don’t need to trim it down just to suit a particular duration. Also, you should refrain from dragging your content for too long just to complete the expected length of your episode. 

Supporting media 

You probably would like to work on background music, intro music, and other sounds that you would like to add to your podcast episodes to incorporate a few dramatic effects. If this sounds a good plan for you, you can check out the places below where you can discover license-free soundtracks and music to make as your theme music or to utilize them in your podcast episodes. Review the licensing terms carefully before you utilize any soundtrack in your podcast. You can check out Free Stock Music, YouTube Audio Library, Free Music Archive, etc. 

Scripting and storyboarding 

You can definitely just sit down and start recording by only peeking at a short and simple outline of your ideas and the main points you want to talk about. However, this can usually provide your listeners with the impression that you did not actually do your research. Hence, you have to really sit down and jot down your script, especially for beginners. This way, it can help you concentrate and it can make you sound more prepared and professional. Of course, you can add some points that can’t be seen on your script while recording. However, to have an actual script can keep you on track, which leads to greater quality content. After planning for your episodes for some time and thinking hard about your content, now is the time to finally record your first podcast, 

First podcast recording 

For you to record your podcast, you’ll require to have audio recording software that can aid you to edit and record your audio files. Audacity is the well-known podcast recording software now since it is an open-source, free, and cross-platform software that can record legit podcasts that are of studio-quality. Upon recording, you must not be worried about any glitches, such as coughing, breaks, and even having awkward pauses as you narrate. Keep in mind that you can edit your audio files are many times as you want. After that, publish your audio podcast to any platform you want and promote your finished podcast product